2 Best Lunch Restaurants in Beaufort, SC

One of the 2 Best Lunch Restaurants in Beaufort, SC is

Herban Market and Cafe

If you haven’t been to Beaufort, SC, well, bless your heart.  It’s a grand old Southern town, founded over three centuries ago.  Beaufort has maintained her magical charms of yesteryear with history and warmth as piquant as her beloved Frogmore Stew.

She so captivated me on my first visit that it led to a lifetime of trips down her sea-scented streets with secret gardens, pristine 18th-century mansions with intricate iron gates, and gas-lit alleyways.  The clip-clop of horses with their carriages on the roads became a lifetime memory of a place deeply rooted in history along saltwater bluffs.thecastledawnamoore 696x457 1

Not surprisingly, Hollywood filmmakers adore Beaufort.  Its formal houses and gardens, and boundaries of the river, salt marsh, and sky so surreal and cinematic have been the setting for films like The Big Chill and G.I. Jane.  Movie folks also love the Sea Islands, which start just a short bridge ride from Beaufort.

Herban Market and Cafe, founded in 2019, has fast become a favorite destination in downtown Beaufort, SC with owners Anya Chase and Emily Benson serving up their own brand of deliciousness to locals and visitors. https://www.herbanmarketandcafe.com/

Banana Cream Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Topping is a favorite for both locals and visitors. It’s reminiscent of one of the South’s most quintessential desserts, Banana Pudding.

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Emily says, “Whether a guest is gluten intolerant, vegan, nut-free, or whatever, I want each person to come in feeling welcome and knowing there will be something here just for them.” No one has to be excluded from the fun with all the healthy options on the menu.  

Seasonal Mixed Berry Scones for lunch or breakfast or anytime in between!

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Herban Market and Cafe offers unique menu items for all ages to enjoy.  Perfect for family gatherings, dates, special occasions, or friends who just want to get together for fun.  

Lunchtime salad favorites include this delicious Tuna on Mixed Greens.

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Tucked away just off Bay Street with plenty of outdoor seating and spectacular views of the river, Anya and Emily enjoy creating herbaceous and luscious vegan treats, juices, and smoothies along with their swoon-worthy baked goods, lunch and breakfast items.

This is one of their amazing wrap sandwiches featuring avocado. Avocado and Tomato Wrap

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Delicious flavor options are available for any kind of sweet tooth, from the avocado brownies to Blackberry Hibiscus Goat Cheese Cheesecake, and Lemon Blueberry Donuts. Savories include Coconut Lentil and New England Clam Chowder, Smokey Salmon Quiche with Asparagus, Red Onions and Goat Cheese, and their famous salads.

Among their other popular items are the Yellowfin Tuna Melt and the Smokey Beet Reuben and the Artichoke

 with Roasted Garlic, Spinach, and Pesto Danish topped with Goat Cheese.  Oh my!!!

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The daily special chalkboard will offer hot breakfast items such as their famed egg, avocado tomato, spinach, and Havarti cheese on a handmade croissant fresh from the oven.

Food brings back memories of times well spent with friends and family and far away places that last in our hearts long after the last bite is taken.  Herban Market and Cafe, 1601 North Street is such a place bringing smiles to hungry locals and visitors.

Wren Bistro and Bar

210 Carteret St.   http://www.wrenbeaufort.com/

Beaufort, SC Nestled in the heart of charming downtown Beaufort WREN is the go-to spot for locals looking to relax with friends and family and out-of-town guests looking for exceptional food and Southern hospitality in an upscale environment.

They serve delectable dishes with locally grown ingredients, unique microbrews, and carefully selected wines.  Join them for lunch or dinner, or simply have a relaxing beverage at their inviting bar.

Everyone loves Wren’s famous Fish Tacos and Shrimp Mexi Cali!!!!  You will, too.

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A popular item is their Mama’s Meatloaf

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Here’s an all-time favorite Toasted Pecan Cranberry Chicken – 

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