A Beaufort Christmas

What’s not to love about a Beaufort Christmas?


Amid the hustle of the holidays, there is a moment when Christmas happens.  It may be the sound of carolers in the neighborhood that suddenly lifts the heart, the arrival home of a loved one. from far away, or the jingle of. bells and the twinkle of lights seen and heard on nearby streets.  Or it could happen as you turn onto Bay Street and into the heart of this historic coastal town. Look over at the riverfront where the razzle, dazzle Christmas spirit permeates the air with boats lit up and ready for their annual parade down the Beaufort River.  Christmas “fa-la-la” is everywhere, kids waiting in line for a chance to sit on Santa’s lap, shops decked out in all their holiday finery, and the damp chill of the river everywhere.

Fishcamp on 11th Street, Port Royal

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Cuthbert House Inn, Beaufort, SC

Cuthbert House

Holiday enchantment awaits in unexpected ways. It might be the crowds of wacky shoppers dressed in their “ugly Christmas sweaters,” or the trays of cookies doused in powdered sugar served in little shops along the way. Christmas is an extraordinary blend of imaginative thinking and tangible sensual reality.                   Now is the time to believe in angels, twinkling stars, and goodwill to all.

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Everything along this street is here to make the holidays bright; home accessories, jewelry, gourmet foods, arts and crafts.  You are sure to leave with bags and bags of treasure and visions of sugarplums dancing in your head.https://explorebeaufortsc.com/lowcountry-life-beautiful-beaufort-at-christmas-time/

The Annual Nutcracker

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Step into your walking shoes, put on your favorite holiday attire, and head down Bay Street to the Verdier House, once headquarters for the Union Army, and across to the historic homes on the Old Point.  Immerse yourself in Beaufort’s long history and hospitality. Stroll your way down quiet streets into the holiday spirit as you peer beyond the gates of private homes, marvel at how these storied places deck the halls with heirloom decorations and discover secrets behind every door.

This cozy town has not always known life so serene. Walking past the Berners Barnwell Sams house I notice the original slave quarters now converted to apartments.  There is a blacksmith shop, a cookhouse, and a laundry, but I also see it as the hospital it became during the Northern occupation.  As I look up I can almost see a wounded Civil War soldier being carried inside.  

Below is Tidalholm, 1 Laurens Street, dressed up for Christmas in all its finery.

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Front lawns and side yards are filled with camellias in bloom and calamondin oranges and persimmons in gardens now turning bright orange.  “Popcorn berry” bouquets from the Chinese Tallow tree adorn greenery on wrought iron gates – all is well.

All is calm, all is bright walking along Craven Street, Beaufort’s “avenue of history,” the quintessential southern street.   Here is where the bright shining Christmas lights match the twinkle of stars in the dark sky high above the towering oaks.  Garlands of cedar and wreaths with bright-colored bows on porches and doorways signal the arrival of the most wonderful time of the year. 

All seems right with the world on this enchanting evening, for on these hollowed streets shineth The Everlasting Light, the hopes and fears of all the years are met in Him tonight.



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And a special salute to the good folks at Sea Eagle Market – our white boot heroes working tirelessly to bring us the very finest seafood. Wishing each and every one a Merry Christmas.

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