Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar, Charleston

Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar is where I find my favorite bites  –  a perfectly prepared soft-shell crab sauteed in a succulent lemon-butter pan sauce. Before I moved back to the Lowcountry, my husband and I visited the Amen Corner in the spring in the midst of softie season.  We walked from our hotel at Charleston Place over to 205 East Bay Street. In hindsight, I think we decided to move back to the Lowcountry because of that perfectly cool spring day and the food experience Charleston offers.

From May through September, blue crabs shed their hard shells as part of their growing process.  When caught before the new shell hardens, they’re a delicacy known as soft-shell crabs. This process called molting, allows these sideways scurrying creatures to grow larger.  Their briny aroma is as nose-wrinkling as wasabi and the sheer ecstasy that comes with them is inexplicable. As soon as March rolls around, start looking for them on restaurant menus.

Soft shells are a gift to us and come faithfully each year but vanish almost as suddenly as they arrive. Their sweetness and evanescence will haunt you until they come again.


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Moules marinieres is a traditional French dish with mussels steamed in white wine, then served in a sauce of juices from the mussels, wine, butter, and shallots.https://amenstreet.com/

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The Raw Bar features a comprehensive oyster selection with over 20 varieties from local suppliers and the most respected sources along the East Coast.  You will find daily raw bar selections such as local clams, tuna carpaccio, and shrimp ceviche.  Only the finest quality items are available.

The Barrier Island Oyster Company on Wadmalaw Island grow all their oysters in cages and transports these beauties to restaurants all over Charleston. They are known for their briny deliciousness.

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Mussels have always been a favorite of mine and I must say they are exceptional at Amen Street.

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Locally caught fresh grouper over creamed spinach is a pure delight. And local favorite fried green tomatoes inspire amens aplenty

along with their hot ‘n’ sour okra.

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Time spent at the Amen Fish and Raw Bar is time well spent for the flavors of the Lowcountry will captivate all who experience them.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a spring afternoon in the Holy City.  Enjoy!!!



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