Pullin’ Pots

(November 2016)

Southern Blue Crab and Lowcountry Lore

No one embodies the spirit of the coastal Southeast more than Pat Branning, the consummate story-teller and go-to food and lifestyle expert. For this book, she offers up a feast of options for serving the South’s esteemed blue crab and introduces you to her talented friends along the way. With descriptions so vivid, Pullin’ Pots will have you smelling the great salt marsh of our Coastal South and tasting succulent salt-tinged crab cakes simmering in a cast iron skillet.

See the world of our water men not as a detached observer, but as an intimately engaged participant. Spend time on the water with the “White Boot Heroes,” travel to a cinder block seafood house on St. Helena Island to understand soft shell crab and how they are harvested, and meet “Miss Gracie” who has cracked crab all her life while singing in a rhythm that stretches back more than 300 years to the West African coast where her ancestors were captured and brought to St. Helena Island as slaves.

There’s a chance meeting with Pat Conroy at the May River Grill that later becomes a story in The Death of Santini. Patricia Branning’s writing will charm and captivate you as she pulls up a front porch rocker at their home overlooking the Beaufort River and introduces you to Miss Dora, her friend and neighbor on Lady’s Island who shares her Okra Soup.

Get ready to be enchanted. Pullin’ Pots will capture your heart and delight you with a richness that transcends the kitchen and travels onto your coffee table and into your permanent collections.

8.5 x 8.5in 104p Coffee-Table Cookbook