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On the Hunt in South Carolina’s Ace Basin

Landowners Honor the Centuries-old  History and Traditions of English Foxhunting by Nina Burke, Founding Master of the Lowcountry Hunt, in conversation with Pat Branning Photography by Kendrick Mayes Due east from Highway 21, across vast marshes, through palmetto-studded live oak hammocks and dark-water cypress swamps, the landscape breaks into open vistas and well-tended fields in […]

The World Is His Oyster Year Round

Oyster Farmer Frank Roberts Produces Prize-worthy Oysters from the Pristine Waters of the ACE Basin Oysters are my all-time favorite seafood, and often my favorite food, period. I can be sitting in an oyster bar, miles from the ocean, and when I eat one I can almost feel sand between my toes and smell salt […]

At Christmas All Roads Lead Home

Amid all the hustle of the holidays, there is a moment when Christmas happens. It may be the sounds of carolers in the neighborhood that suddenly lifts the heart, the arrival home of a loved one from far away, or the jingle of bells and the twinkle of lights seen and heard on city streets. […]

That Yemassee Country Club

Ahop, skip and jump off I-95 and dissected by US 21, Yemassee, though small, straddles both the Beaufort and Hampton county lines. It’s close by the Colleton and Jasper county border as well. If you get the feeling this town is a crossroads, well, that is the case. Some, in fact, consider Yemassee the heart […]

The Crab Man

Out of the way and off the beaten path, Sunbury is an incredible foodie haven adventure. Views here will leave you breathless, especially if you visit at sundown. So bring a hearty appetite, roll up your sleeves and head on out to Sunbury, Georgia to do some real crab crackin’ at Sunbury Crab Company, which […]

Paula Deen’s Journey

Paula’s Journey By Tom Poland When you see glistening oyster beds what comes to mind? An oyster roast? A mucky, perilous place? A driveway white with sun-bleached shells? Well, some folks see art. Here we have a beautiful bust, what could be a Roman gladiator wearing armor plate made of glorious shells or the Emperor […]

Red Velvet Cake

Why Elvis? “The first time my family attended a music festival was in Memphis the weekend of the Great Nashville Flood,” says Chef Parker. “Originally we’d planned to visit both Graceland and attend a service at the Reverend Al Green’s church. The flood pre-empted our visit with the good Reverend, but we were able to […]

Searchin’ for Clams

Loving the shores of our beloved Lowcountry means getting outside and getting a little pluff mud between your toes.  It’s part of what defines us.  It’s gooey, smelly and pulls the topsiders right off your feet. When I first spotted Craig Reaves, owner of Sea Eagle Market in Beaufort, South Carolina, he was crawling on […]