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Meet the Locals

In these times of Targets and Walmarts, the distinction of community with its unique sense of place is being lost. What could be more placeless than a cookie cutter world of strip malls, fast-food chains, big box stores and franchises. It’s happening more and more. Captain Charlie Phillips, owner of Sapelo Sea Farms in Townsend, […]

All Horse For All Seasons

The steadfast Carolina marsh tacky holds a unique place in our state’s heritage and in the hearts of the riders who value it as the perfect hunting partner. by Tom Poland Lowcountry hunting on horseback resonates with tradition, and that agile breed, the Carolina marsh tacky, boasts an enduring legacy as well. “Tacky” comes from […]

Treasure Island

On Georgia’s Cumberland Island, a true treasure hunter presides, creating jewels from natural wonders, one precious find at a time. Photos of the jewelry and Cumberland Island By Mary Ashton Mills On this remote Georgia island, one of the largest wilderness areas along the eastern seaboard, GoGo Ferguson, a slender, sinewy jewelry designer and fifth-generation […]

That Delectable Architecture

by Tom Poland Photography by Robert Clark Landlocked. That was my fate growing up in Lincolnton, Georgia. Thus it should come as no surprise, striped gray felines aside, that the Spanish settler building concoction known as tabby never entered my childhood glossary. Why should it? Oysters were as removed from my life as were Spaniards, […]

Welcome Autumn!

An Oyster Roast Under the Towering Oaks at Red Bluff Plantation, Hardeeville, South Carolina Created by Sebrell Smith As we drove through the iron gates, we entered sweet-smelling pinelands.  Woodpeckers were noisily calling and hammering on trees while bluebirds flew overhead.  The meeting of land and river as well as saltwater and fresh water creates […]

The Majestic May River and Its Bountiful Harvest

A family with a passion to create the finest boat to table experience With lessons taught by fathers and grandfathers – they know the dignity of hard work that follows the tides and days that often begin in the wee hours. Their faces and their voices all speak of a heritage that defines the coast. […]

Replenishing Our Coastal Waters

Residents of Dataw Island are Making a Difference If we were to write a love letter to the Lowcountry oyster (Crassostrea virginica), surely we would thank it for its deliciousness and beyond its euphoric taste, its ability to filter our waterways and protect our banks from erosion.  We have burned its shells to fertilize our […]


Big Flavor at NICO’s Oyster Bar

Chef Nico Romo reveals the secrets to his incredible oysters. Photography by Andrew Cebulka Sidebar :  “Maybe it’s the hint of pluff mud, waft of spartina grass, or salty liquor of brackish estuaries – our oysters taste like home.”  Mike Lata, chef at two of Charleston’s finest restaurants, FIG and The Ordinary. Lovers of Lowcountry […]