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Thanksgiving Pies – Love is in the details!

Thanksgiving is a time to show the ones you love a very special meal. Each year as we prepare to gather round the table to celebrate Thanksgiving, the women in my family go into planning mode as soon as the calendar strikes November. Menu ideas are tossed back and forth. Conversations on the latest and greatest […]

A Fall Gathering in the Garden

Creating a special environment for a party is one of the most exciting things a host or hostess can do for guests.  I loved that “ahh” moment when guests arrived and got their first glimpse of the table filled with fabulous food in this lovely vineyard setting. Who can resist celebrating with the vivid colors […]

Steamed Clams Lowcountry Style

Scouting the many creeks around the S.C. Lowcountry you’re sure to find just the right spot to set a shovel in the sandy muck and dig. I still get excited over the sight o a brownish-gray clam shell down in the pluff mud.  If there’s one – others are not far behind and these tasty […]

Crab Cakes Spring Island, S.C.

“The coastal regions of the Carolinas and Georgia are all about a sense of place and people who know how to take off their shoes and work their feet into the mud to feel for clams, catch a blue crab with a chicken neck, cast a shrimp net into the river and use their hands […]