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Beaufort’s Best Eats!

Whether heading out for an afternoon at the beach or heading back home, Beaufort’s Best Eats – the fabulous Beedos is located in a little brick building along the winding beach-bound road to Hunting Island State Park.

Our featured image is their incredibly delicious Corned Beef and Collard Green sandwich with their homemade bread and special sauce. Oh my gosh!!!!

Dine-in or carry out 7 days a week at their Saint Helena Island location, 1634 Sea Island Parkway.  Stop in and create some fun times.

How ’bout those Fried Shrimp PO’ Boys?

Fried Shrimp Po

Now there’s a sandwich that reminds me of those perfect days sunning on a beach towel with a cool ocean breeze. Places like Beedos are time machines, delivering something extra special – so much more than a sandwich in a bun – that keeps up coming back.

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This wonderful family-owned establishment will make you just a bit nostalgic with its old-fashioned eatery, offering handcrafted burgers and sandwiches, a real homecooked breakfast, freshly brewed coffee, and even soft-served ice cream. Talk about genuine Southern hospitality – Beedos is where you’ll find it.

Ahhhh, biscuits – the quintessential Southern delight.

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Should you be fortunate enough to dine there you will have an amazing experience.  Every time I visit I find myself planning how soon I can get back.  And not just for this delectable burger you see right here but also for their breakfast items. Their eggs come from Kendra and Stephen Myers, owners of nearby Myers Family Farms.  You may know them from the Port Royal Farmers Market.  They are great friends with Brian and Mel, owners of Beedos, and they are the ones whose tasty eggs create the pure ecstasy of a Lowcountry breakfast. You have to taste their eggs only once and you will never forget!


The namesake Beedo Burger features two beef patties made of ground sirloin and chuck, sharp cheese, and a special sauce. They serve it with pickles, griddled onions, and the perfect house-made toasted potato bun that actually stays together when you take that first delectable bite.

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Owners Brian and Melissa Wuttke, best known as “Mel,”  had already established themselves as local favorites while serving as chefs at Beaufort’s well-loved Saltus River Grill in town on Bay Street. Both are self-taught, with Brian being the savory chef and Mel, well, think pastries and desserts.

Here’s their Fried Chicken Biscuit –  and best of all, it’s served all day for as long as they last. With carefully crafted food items like this, I cannot wait to find out what their restaurant will grow into.  Other breakfast items include a Griddled Sausage Biscuit vegetarian or vegan.  You may want to try their steel-cut oatmeal bowl, or perhaps a yogurt parfait.

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Mel says, “We love being the go-to place before or after heading to the beach or the place where locals head to when they want a really great meal.” It’s a popular spot for realtors to take clients to lunch to let them get a feel for the South and its extraordinary food.

Beedos deserves a word or two about their bread.  If you haven’t guessed from these photos, bread is all made in-house – very unusual for a fast-casual restaurant along the side of the road.

Below is the BBQ Chix sandwich – Yum!!!!!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Surely we must consider this one of Beaufort’s Best Eats!



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One day I ordered the Fried Bologna sandwich which you seriously must try.  I love the Pimento Cheese Sando, which is also served on toasted white bread. They will add applewood bacon for a small charge. When they have the chili cheese dog or the seasonal BLT – order them.  They will not disappoint.

With Dempsey Farms right next door, you know your salad is fresh.  Often Brian will run out of lettuce or some other ingredient and just walk next door and get it right out of the fields.  Now that’s genuine farm-to-table. Other farms in the area serve as suppliers such as Barefoot Farms, Morning Gory Homestead Farm, and Pasture Shed.

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Don’t miss out on Sunday’s “meat ‘n three.” Usually, that means smoked meat and plenty of farm-fresh produce. So next time you and the family head out to the beach, stop by for breakfast or lunch and come back by for dessert.   Soft serve ice cream, cream pies, and the best chocolate chip cookies ever!


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