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Best Steaks on Hilton Head Island!

Wondering where to find the best steaks on Hilton Head Island? Favored by locals and visitors alike, the Sage Room in Hilton Head Island offers elegant, palate-pleasing fare from the four corners of the world. It’s casually upscale with an open kitchen and chef’s table located at 75 Pope Avenue.

One of my favorites is the House Filet with smashed potatoes, haricot verts, and tomato burgundy sauce.

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Unlike most restaurants, their kitchen is located in the middle of the dining room.  It has a small ten-person bar that we call the Chef’s Table, which wraps around the kitchen for diners to sit and enjoy watching the chef’s culinary expertise.  If you prefer, you may sit at one of the many tables steps away from the kitchen.  Owners Matt and Carol Jording have been serving Hilton Head Islanders since 2002.

Year after year The Sage Room became my go-to place for birthdays, anniversaries, and just about any special occasion.

In fact, I went there when it was no occasion at all.

The Sage Room Benedict is another popular entree.

Sage Room Benedict


Hilton Head Island is a place where generations of families return to vacation or make it their permanent home. There’s a relaxing, laid-back, welcoming vibe that leaves an indelible mark on all who experience it.  That draw, that familiar feeling of home, that hint of salt upon a breeze, and hospitality that knows no limits.  Hilton Head is much more than a lasting memory- it’s the interface of land and sea where life is good and community means everything.


Best Braised Short Ribs!!!!

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You can’t go wrong with their Braised Short Ribs.

And Hilton Head can be enjoyed the year-round.  While the rest of the country if braving the cold, Hilton Head is simply cooling off and calming down, making our winter season a great time to get out and explore.  Culinary delights are everywhere, our parks a fabulous for picnics, and our miles of bike trails are a joy – did I mention the best beaches!

Of course, indulge in some retail therapy and take a cruise around this beautiful island.

Be sure to make reservations if you plan on dining at the Sage Room. Below is their Pork Baelly with a soft fried egg, strawberry compote, and orange hollandaise!  Wow-what a combination.

Pork Belly soft fried egg stawberry compote orange hollandaise

Old friends and memories await you on Hilton Head Island.

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