Bring a hearty appetite, roll up your sleeves and head out to the Sunbury Crab Company, in Sunbury, Georgia to do some real crab crack-in’. It’s been a family owned and operated restaurant for over 20 years.

Sunbury Crab Company is hands down the most unique dining experience in all of South Georgia. It’s staunchly no frills with a menu that couldn’t be simpler, fried or steamed seafood year round and fire-roasted oysters when the chill hits the salt marshes.  Located off the beaten path somewhere in the middle just south of Savannah and north of Jekyll Island. It’s a rustic, open-air waterfront seafood dive with one of the most spectacular views anywhere in Coastal Georgia. 

The menu is simple and brief.  We ordered the steamed blue crab which they served in buckets cleaned and ready to eat. They gave us each a wooden mallet for crackin’ and a big piece of parchment paper for a place mat. Sunbury prides itself on pulling their blue crabs right out of the surrounding waters and serving them that same day.

Owner Bernie Maley invited us to climb in the boat and go with him to check the traps. We headed out toward the first crab pot which is a large trap attached to a line and lowered into the water with a white marker attached.  That first trap was full of blue crab. He dumped it all into a black plastic bucket on board and grabbed some Menhaden bait fish to refill it, then lowered it back into the blue waters.

Darkness was settling in as the tide ebbed, exposing miles of black pluff mud along either side of the creek. Pungent aromas of the great salt marsh filled the night air.  Looking toward the back of the boat I could see a score of great blue herons taking flight, and miles of primitive vistas still untouched by civilization for this is our inheritance. There’s a timeless appeal here that reflects the history and character of a community and the generations of fishermen and their families who went before us.

So grab a beer and hang out on the docks as the sun goes down and watch the boats chug along the dockside canal as dusk settles across the land.

No other experience like it. No place. No where.

When we talk about crab, we’re talking about blue crab. They are abundant up and down
our Eastern Seaboard as far north as Chesapeake Bay and south through Florida and the Gulf Coast. In the South, we look forward to April when they come to us in their most fragile state as soft shells. Don’t miss out on the intense goodness of these heavenly creatures. They are one of the sea’s greatest gifts to our table., Blue Crab Bliss, Author Pat Branning, Author Pat Branning , Blue Crab Bliss, Author Pat Branning, Author Pat Branning , Blue Crab Bliss, Author Pat Branning, Author Pat Branning