Shrimp, Collards & Grits Book Series

Shrimp, Collards & Grits Lifestyle Book Series features beautiful artwork, recipes & stories about our Southern way of life. For the past 6 years Author Pat Branning has brought readers through a visual journey to a preserved time and place. Each book is a museum quality coffee-table book. Pat’s book titles eventually will go out of print and become collector’s items. We are currently offering free shipping and our book is also available in select retail locations.

New Volume Available! Southern Traditions

Book Description

“My corner of the South will always be known as the land of shrimp, collards and grits – a land of gracious plenty, where everyone is darlin’, strangers say “hello” and someone’s heart is always bein’ blessed.”  Pat Brannning

Welcome to Southern Traditions, a place where food and history meet.  Illustrated with fine art from many of the South’s most noted artists, this book will echo on in the hearts of all who experience it.

To understand a culture, one must first understand the food, its history, family connections and those who created this taste.  It defines who we are.

Cover piece by the iconic, late John Carroll Doyle of Charleston, depicts the nobility of the Gullah people whose rich heritage has defined our cooking and has left an indelible mark on our language, our arts, and our folktales. The rice culture brought here from West Africa created the Lowcountry aristocracy of the 1800’s. As a child growing up in historic Charleston, John knew and loved the Gullah people, held them in high esteem, and brilliantly captured their grace and pride.

View the noted works of John Carroll Doyle at the Doyle Gallery on Church Street, many of Charleston’s most popular restaurants, including the famed 82 Queen, and throughout the rooms and lobby of Charleston’s newest and most acclaimed hotel, The Bennett.

We have only one past, and if it is lost or destroyed, it is gone forever.  Through his many works, John Carroll Doyle, has preserved history and ensured that future generations will have a past to appreciate. He painted Charleston into our very souls.

Book Details

Busting with superb full color photography, fine art and exquisite table designs, Southern Traditions is a sumptuous showcase of inspired recipes and elegant entertaining ideas that add rich character to any gathering.
Make every day an occasion worthy of celebration with vibrant and imaginative ideas. Whether you are hosting a humble backyard barbecue for a few friends and family, or a grand dinner party for ten, you will find creative ways for hosting with style, grace and an element of surprise.

  • 144 Page Hard-Bound Coffee-Table Book
  • 20+ Paintings Featured
  • 40+ Southern Recipes


Prior Editions – Sold Out

Volume 2 “Cover by Michael B. Karas”

Volume 1 “Ray Ellis Edition”