Charleston’s Top 5 Seafood Restaurants

Wondering what Charleston’s top 5 seafood restaurants are? Every year millions of visitors arrive in Charleston with the one question, “Where can we get good seafood?” If you want a real Lowcountry experience, stop at one of these establishments.

Hank’s                                                 https://hanksseafoodrestaurant.com/

Hanks, 10 Hayne Street, is a classic Charleston Fish House with an old-fashioned saloon-style bar and a raw bar that has been voted the Best Seafood Restaurant in Charleston for over 20 consecutive years. The menu has legendary items like seafood a la Wando and she-crab soup.

Tuna Tartare with jalapeno, shallot, and extra virgin olive oil

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Try their rich selections of iced shellfish from the world’s oceans,  Hank’s Oyster Stew with leeks, potatoes, and bacon, and delicacies like Oysters Casino with garlic butter and asiago cheese.

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Bowens Island Restaurant

Any visitor to Charleston must make the trip out to Bowens Island at least once.  This is a genuine Lowcountry experience with steamed oysters, cheap beer, and a creekside view that makes for lasting memories.   It remains alluring and draws visitors because of its ramshackle funkiness and the gut-level goodness of its food.

Looking for an authentic Lowcountry boil?  Here’s where you will find it.

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Another memorable experience will happen at The Ordinary, 544 King Street.

Dave’s Clams is a special and very popular dish

Daves Clames and Spaghietti

Meet Chef Lata’s Okra Gumbo: blue crab, Tarvin shrimp, and Carolina Gold middlins

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Gillie’s Seafood and Soul – James Island

Patrons are treated like family when they sit down at a table.  There’s plenty of Southern seafood favorites here, from shrimp purloo to fried flounder to shrimp and grits.  This is a scratch-made soul food restaurant serving delicious comfort food, just like Grandma makes!Gillies2403419404665015714

Leon’s at 698 King Street                                          https://leonsoystershop.com/

Leon’s gives fried fish goodness with a side of crispy chicken and freshly-shucked oysters.  This North Central hangout is the spot to be if you prefer perfectly-battered bait with a glass of wine and New Orleans soul playing in the background.

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One of Leon’s most popular salad bowls

Leons number 3

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