Hilton Head Island’s Best Seafood

Wondering where to find Hilton Head Island’s best seafood? Welcome to Hudson’s On the Docks where it’s fried up and piled high! Beach dives, fish markets, and seaside spots are sure to be high on your must-visit list this summer.

Plates piled with seafood enhance and expand our enjoyment of the South Carolina coast.

Sitting right at the edge of Port Royal Sound, all of the tables in this waterfront restaurant feature extraordinary views for a truly special Lowcountry dining experience. The South Carolina coast offers endless beauty right here on the edge of the earth.

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I’ve had meals that have convinced me that South Carolina chefs are wizards, able to concoct culinary magic. They’re presented on bright white plates with artful swirls of colorful sauces, dollops of pesto, and tiny microgreens.  Hudson’s is not this fancy but you know it’s fresh from the sea.  I have their menus imprinted on my memory, dishes I can tell you about down to the last detail.  Plates always look like summer – fish golden and crispy, salty and warm with sunshine-yellow lemon slices and hush puppies.  Cool tartar sauce sits on the edge of the plate. Memorable, wonderful meals, always.0

Hudson’s uses one of the only remaining local fishing fleets on Hilton Head Island to bring fresh-caught seafood straight to the docks and to your table.  Guests often get to share the excitement as fishing crews unload thousands of fresh oysters, shrimp, and soft shell crabs from each day’s catch.  https://www.hudsonsonthedocks.com/history/

Hudson’s Shrimp Tacos

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It’s been a Hilton Head Island tradition for over 50 years!

Amazingly delicious hushpuppies!

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Originally built by the venerable J.B.Hudson, Sr. as an oyster factory in 1912, Hudson’s oysters were brought in by oar-powered boats known as Bateaux, shucked on the docks, and then sent by barge to the Northeast. The discarded shells were dispersed creating the very peninsula and foundation on which the restaurant currently stands.

Hudson’s Seafood is literally a business built on oysters!

Crab Cakes Benedict

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In 1975, Brian and Gloria Carmines purchased Hudson’s and a new family tradition began.  Much of the seafood originates from the local waters surrounding them. The Carmines are committed to purchasing fresh local seafood and fish from local fishermen and serving it to their guests – over 3,000 gallons of oysters and 70,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed annually.  Over 450,000 raw oysters are shucked fresh on the premises.  And they farm their very own local oyster and cultivate fresh soft-shell crabs.0

How about fresh sea scallops with red rice for a Lowcountry meal sure to satisfy.

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No great Southern restaurant would be complete without Fried Green Tomatoes on the menu.


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Shell Ring Oyster Company

In keeping with Hudson’s tradition of only the freshest seafood, Andrew Carmines established the Shell Ring Oyster Company in 2014.  Shell Ring is a sustainable oyster farm in Port Royal Sound.  These oysters are often harvested, shucked, and eaten all in the same day – absolutely the freshest oysters anywhere in the world.

Watch the sun go down from the deck while sipping on cocktails and enjoying appetizers.

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And even if seafood is not your first choice – their hamburgers will not disappoint.

No reservations or call aheads accepted.

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