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The Great Scallop Seduction

Last weekend while dining with my daughter, Margaret, at Anchorage 1770 in Historic Beaufort, I experienced what I can only describe as the great scallop seduction. I believe Chef Daniel Salazar approaches the kitchen with the intensity of an artist trying to replicate the designs of the Sistine Chapel.

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I have been fortunate enough to have dined in some of the finest restaurants on the planet, but to date, I believe this surpasses many of the finest. And his use of local ingredients to accompany each dish is notable.

The ambiance is relaxing with incredible views stretching out across the river from the verandas and rooftop patio.

Beaufort is well known for its wealth of antebellum homes along with so many other historical sites. Its entire 304-acre central Historic District is both a National Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places.  Contributing to the immeasurable charm of this Lowcountry destination is this romantic bed and breakfast, Anchorage 1770, on the bluff of the Beaufort River. This boutique inn was once a private home, a Union Army hospital, and a clubhouse for the literary elite. Now it serves not only as an inn but is home to extraordinary dining experiences.

Our experience only got better as the night wore on.

Suddenly oysters appeared; succulent, sweet, and prepared with unbridled passion – a majestic work of art.


There we were basking in the glory of this divine creativity and having a champagne toast when there appeared yet another dish, a melt-in-your-mouth fillet mignon.  Surely when we get to heaven we will find angels dining on these decadent delights.

fitllet mignonunnamed

I’m sure the shrimp in our risotto was swimming in the ocean just yesterday. Each one was the taste of last night’s tide. You may want to reserve a place at the table as soon as you can get here, if not before. This is where imagination and creativity flourish and the experience lives on long after the last bite is taken.

Even the most sophisticated gourmands will be brought to their knees!


shrimp risottounnamed

My story would not be complete without including this photo of the fabulous Chef Daniel Salazar himself!!!

Chef Daniel

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Salazar attended the Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has opened kitchens in other boutique hotels.  His wife,  Misty Baker, serves as the manager of the Inn’s Ribaut Social Club, named after the original club established at the Anchorage in 1891, and is actually a sommelier.  She even bakes cakes when time permits! Together they are a powerful team who make your dinner memorable, and enjoyable from start to finish.


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